Mija, yes you can work through a pandemic.

Hola Mijas, How are you doing? That might be a phrase you’re either tired of hearing or wish you would hear more often. Well, we hope you Mijas are doing amazing! We’re all struggling to get used to this new normal of staying at home and for most of us, working from home. However, millionsContinue reading “Mija, yes you can work through a pandemic.”

Mija, Yes you can teach through a pandemic.

Hola Mijas, So, it seems like there is no end in sight when it comes to getting over this pandemic, but we promise you there is! For parents, you might not believe that. For teachers, you want to believe that because the thought of not seeing your students, the kids who turn into your temporaryContinue reading “Mija, Yes you can teach through a pandemic.”

‘Mija, Yes you can’ to donate t-shirt profits to COVID-19 Compassionate Care Fund

EL PASO, Texas– The mission behind the ‘Mija, Yes you can’ project is to spread positivity and to give back to those in our community during challenging times. The Mijas are able to give back by donating profits from their “Mija” t-shirts to local non-profit organizations in the community. ‘Mija, Yes you can’ made theirContinue reading “‘Mija, Yes you can’ to donate t-shirt profits to COVID-19 Compassionate Care Fund”

Mija, yes you can work from home!

Hola Mijas, The past few weeks have been very interesting for most, if not all, of the world. The COVID-19 pandemic turned many people’s lives upside down. With businesses like bars and restaurants closing, many people had to find other ways to bring in income for themselves and their families. For those who were fortunateContinue reading “Mija, yes you can work from home!”

Mija, Yes you can survive Coronavirus 2020!

Hola Mijas, Well, the “Mija, Yes you can” project was created back in March on International Women’s Day. At that time, this Mija thought it was great timing to create a women empowerment movement. Don’t get me wrong, it was because there’s never a bad time to spread women empowerment in our community. However, aContinue reading “Mija, Yes you can survive Coronavirus 2020!”