Mija Merchandise


Our Mija gear is meant to motivate and encourage Mija’s in every city and state to remind them of the abilities and strengths they have.

Your Mija Merchandise purchases will help The Mija Project fund future projects that will help our community during these challenging times. These projects include Christmas clothes drives, Scholarship funds, workshops and other resources that can help women in our community.

Thanks to a generous donation from The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso, you can shop in-store for Mija merchandise to avoid shipping fees. You can also shop online and choose the pick-up option at checkout and head out to our Mija Pop-up shop to pick up your merchandise.

*All safety guidelines are implemented when shopping in-store. Masks are required for un-vaccinated individuals. Masks are optional for all vaccinated guest*

Our Mija Merchandise is stocked up once a month or as demand is needed. If an item is not in stock, don’t feel discouraged! We will restock items as funds become available.

Our Mija-Pop Up shop is voluntary run by our executive board of directors. Our board members donate their free time to make sure orders are packaged and shipped out as soon as possible. If items are purchased online after Saturday 5 p.m. your items will be packaged and sent out the following Thursday.

Our Mijas who volunteer their time at the store also have full time jobs and are moms or colleges students so store hours may change on occasion to allow our Mijas to deal with home life first.

Sign up for our Mija email alerts to stay updated on Mija Pop Up locations in your area and to know when we restock our online inventory of Mija gear.

Mija Pop-up Shop Donor

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