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Your Mija Merchandise purchases will help The Mija Project fund future projects that will help our community during these challenging times. These projects include Christmas clothes drives, Scholarship funds, workshops and other resources that can help women in our community.

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Dress it up, dress it down. Mija, you do you!
Woman’s Mija T-Shirt

Our original Woman’s Mija T-shirt’s are a junior woman style fit. Sizes run small. (So, order a size larger and know that it’s not you, it’s our shirts!) Shirts are 100% cotton and come in a mauve color.

Winter is right around the corner but honestly, muscles can be shown off all year round!
Woman’s Mija Racerback Tank

Our Mija racerback tank tops are 52% cotton and 48% polyester. Mija tank tops come in a mauve color. Sizes run small.

Teach em’ to believe in themselves at a young age and who knows… maybe they can be our first Mija President!
Youth Girls Mija T-Shirts

Little Mija T-shirts are a limited edition of our shirts for the little mija’s in your life. Shirts are bright pink 60% cotton and 40% recycled polyester. Sizes available in toddler and youth.

Stop the spread with our Mija face masks!
Mija Face Masks

Wear a mask, save a life! Our Mija Face masks come in two colors, pink and black.

Because real men support Mijas, too!
Unisex Adult Mija T-Shirt

Perfect for women AND men! Our Mija unisex t-shirts come in a purple color. 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

FACT: Wearing a Mija shirt gives you superpowers. (Dare you to google it.)
*Mija Sticker Bundle

Perfect for the little Mijo in your life who wants to support Mijas! And great for the little Mijas who rather rock a purple Mija T-shirt!

“Never Forget Where You Came From, Mija.”
*”Never Forget Where You Came From” Single Mija Sticker

A nice little reminder to always be proud of where we came from and to appreciate the struggles that made us the strong Mijas we are today. 3×3 round stickers perfect for Laptops, Water bottles and wherever else your heart desires.

***Free Shipping on sticker ONLY orders. Make sure to apply coupon code: MijaStickers*****

WE CAN’T DECIDE WHICH STICKER TO GET!!!……So we’re gonna get em all. Yolo.
*Full Mija Sticker Bundle

Not sure which stickers to buy? Don’t worry Mija, just buy em all in one bundle pack! The Full Mija Sticker Bundle comes with our original Mija Sticker bundle which includes The Mijas Logo, #MijaYesYouCan, #MijaPower and #MijaStrong PLUS our new “Never Forget Where You Came From” Single Mija Sticker.

***Free Shipping on sticker ONLY orders. Make sure to apply coupon code: MijaStickers*****

“Get me a sticker!!” -Your cell phone
*Mija Sticker Bundle

Mija sticker bundle includes 4 die cut stickers. Bundle includes our original Mija logo, #MijaYesYouCan, Mija Power, and #MijaStrong. Perfect for laptops, cell phones, ect.

***Free Shipping on sticker ONLY orders. Make sure to apply coupon code: MijaStickers*****

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