Mija, Yes You Can® Scholarships

Mija, Yes You Can! 2022 Scholarship

Mija, Yes You Can! 2022 Scholarship Program will enable local women and girls to pursue their academic careers by providing necessary funding for required tuition, fees, expenses, enrollment costs, and supplies.

We will be offering five, individual $2,000 scholarships for eligible women and girls in the greater El Paso area seeking self-enrichment opportunities for their academic path. 

2 Graduating Mijas: High school seniors (class of 2022) enrolling in a college/university, vocational program, and/or technical schools starting summer/fall 2022. 

2 Collegiate Mijas: Women enrolled at four-year, two-year colleges/universities, vocational programs, and/or technical schools as of June 2022.

1 Graduate Mija: Women currently enrolled or entering into a graduate-level degree program (Masters, Ph.D or professional graduate program) as of summer/fall 2022.

Criteria for choosing the awardees will include:

• Academic/career interests

• Minimum GPA requirement 

• High school seniors: 90 or 3.7

• Collegiate: 2.7

• Graduate: 3.0

• Community involvement/Community service

• Must demonstrate community engagement 

• Challenges that indicate need for funds.

The deadline for this application has passed.

Past Scholarship Awards

Mija, Power Up! 2021 Scholarship Program

This past August The Mija Project awarded 12 deserving women and girls in the El Paso and Las Cruces area with our organizations very first “Mija, Power up!” scholarships.

Mija, Yes You Can ® along with other nonprofit organizations in the community were awarded grants by El Paso Electric.

El Paso Electric actively participates in the community by supporting a diverse mix of civic and charitable programs through its Community Partner Program.

Through the “Graduating Mija”, “Collegiate Mija”, and “Rising Mija” funding is available to both high school students and students who are currently enrolled in 2-year or 4-year colleges/universities.

“Pandemic or no pandemic a lot of people need support,” Alba Cook, Mija, Yes You Can® scholarships committee chair said. “In many communities it’s women that are supporting their kids, it’s women that are supporting their spouses, supporting communities, so as an organization I think we want to be supporting those women. We want to be supporting their dreams, their goals and their aspirations.”

Take a look at the amazing Mijas who became our 2021 “Mija, Power Up!” Scholarship recipients:

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