Mija, Yes you can STILL have our secret recipe to homemade Chico’s Tacos

Hola Mijas,

So here we are. Another week of staying at home and another week without Chico’s Tacos being open! *cries in spanish*

When we first posted this blog a month ago, the response was overwhelming! 14,589 views and over 400 shares on Facebook. Y’all really do love your Chico’s Tacos!

Many of you tried the recipe and we’re sharing your photos below. Some of you Mijas had some questions, so we answered them as well. Here’s a look at some questions about perfecting this secret Chico’s Tacos recipe.

Recipe Questions:

Hopefully your questions were answered and if they were, then grab your large orange soda and let’s get cooking, Mijas!

Chile Ingredients:

Blender (Make sure you clean the Margarita mix out of it first, Mija!)


6 Jalapeños

2 Tomatillos

1 Garlic Clove

Salt (Add salt as needed. I’m a salty latina so I add a lot of salt!)


  1. Remove the stems from the jalapeños.
  2. Boil jalapenos and tomatillos in a saucepan with water until soft.
  3. Remove seeds from jalapeños. (Wash your hands after cause one time I forgot to and I rubbed my eyes afterwards and well, I didn’t think I knew that many spanish cuss words!)
  4. Place jalapeños and tomatillos in a blender, add a garlic clove, water and salt. Blend well. Add water and salt as needed. Set aside.

Taco Ingredients:

Large skillet

Cookie sheet

6 large red ripe tomatoes

Tomato sauce (1 to 2 small cans)

1 garlic clove

2 pounds of ground beef (Seasoning of the beef is optional)

30 corn tortillas

Finely shredded cheese (Fiesta blend: Monterey jack with cheddar cheese. Or whatever type of cheese your cheesy heart desires.)


  1. Boil 6 ripe tomatoes in a pot with water until soft.
  2. Remove skins from tomatoes.
  3. Place tomatoes in blender. Add garlic clove, water, tomato sauce and salt. Blend well. Add salt as needed. Add water as needed to desired consistency. Set Aside.
  4. Brown ground beef in large skillet. (Add your favorite seasoning if you please.)
  5. In large skillet heat enough oil and place torilla in the oil. Turn it on the other side and then place it on a plate. Do this same step for the other tortillas. Make sure tortillas are soft so you can roll then easily.
  6. Add ground beef to tortillas and roll tightly but carefully so the tortillas do not break. (If they break…take a tequila shot. BUT DON’T BREAK THEM ON PURPOUSE JUST TO TAKE A SHOT, MIJA!)
  7. Place the rolled tortillas on a cookie sheet. (Make sure to remove the cookies you burnt the night before.)
  8. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees until crispy.
  9. Once the tacos are done, heat the sauce in a saucepan.

FINAL STEP: Add your tacos to a bowl. (Preferably those classic mexican bowls your mom gave you and you don’t have the heart to throw away.) Cover them with your sauce, cheese and chile and ENJOY!

Don’t forget to add some crispy crinkle cut fries to your meal because nothing says Chico’s Tacos like enjoying the leftover sauce with your Chico’s Tacos style fries!

Meet our Mija Chef: Susie Zambrano

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