Mija, Yes you can take control of your health, your weight and your life

Hola Mijas,

The Mija project gives women of all ages the platform to share their stories of struggle and success in hopes of reaching out to other women who might need a little bit of encouragement themselves.

Becky Murillo Huenneke shared her story of being diagnosed with Diabetes on her Facebook page and allowed the Mijas to share it with other women who may be struggling with health issues. Here’s her story…..

“Exactly nine months ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I am sharing my journey with this disease in hope that may help one of you.

I have been an emotional eater for almost seventeen years of my adult life. I ate my emotions through the passing of my late husband. What started out as just a sneak of cake late at night spiraled into eating anything and everything that was unhealthy I ate it. I am ashamed to say that I would drink about 120 cokes a month.

Late last August after feeling so poorly and at the urging of my partner and daughter I went to the doctor. The doctor immediately ran blood tests and a host of other tests. Five days later I was diagnosed with diabetes and the doctors initial diagnose with me and this disease was not good. She feared that I would have kidney failure, or end up in a diabetic coma. Or worse, maybe both.

I remember leaving that office in complete shock. I knew that my eating habits were beyond unhealthy but I never thought that I would be as sick as this doctor claimed I was.

At home, my partner and my daughter were encouraging and helpful. My partner helped me develop a strong meal plan. One that would help me to get healthy again. The doctor had also prescribed exercise and that first day of water aerobics at the YWCA. I thought I was going to die! I was out of breath, feeling faint and I did not really want to return. But with my daughters encouragement, I pressed forward and on those days that I was unmotivated she helped me to get motivated and go back to water aerobics.

This losing weight has been one of the toughest challenges of my life. At times I just wanted to give up and in those times of complete weakness my partner was there to give me the biggest hugs. Slowly the weight began to come off and I liked the results. Slowly my sugar was getting stabilized. Suddenly I enjoyed shopping for clothes and as the weight came off, I found myself going from a size 24 to a size 12.

Just as I was developing a good schedule of exercise the Pandemic hit. I was worried about catching the virus but more importantly I was worried about going back to my emotional eating. Having my daughter at home helped because she was watchful of me not over eating and eating healthy.

My journey through this weight loss has been one of the biggest challenges of my life. I am blessed because I have this great delightful meal plan that leaves me craving nothing. I have not had one single drink of coke. Today was my monthly check up. I go once a month and my doctor helps ease any fears I may have regarding my diabetes and COVID-19.

My doctor explains everything to me and is mindful of my fears with COVID-19, but today as we spoke and she calmed my fears we also discussed that in nine months my sugar has gone from 350 to a constant level of 95-100. My weight has dropped 100 pounds and I have never felt better.

I have more energy. I am happier and I am a better person because of dealing with my disease head on. I consider myself to be extremely blessed to have been diagnosed way before COVID-19 came into our lives. I hope that for any of you, my friends, who are dealing with any type of health issues that you go to see your doctor.

Yes, getting any diagnosis like diabetes is hard but it is manageable and you can live a long and healthy life. All you need is lots of motivation and you can do it! If I can do it anyone can. I started my journey at 275 pounds and today I am exactly at 175 .

I am so blessed to be healthy and alive thanks to all my friends who have loved and supported me through this journey. 🌼🌼🌼🌼”

Mija, Yes you can take control of your health, your weight and your life especially when you have a Mija of your own looking up to you!

Becky and her High School Senior Daughter, Anneliese.

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