Mija, Yes you can buy NEW Mija gear!

Hola Mijas,

It’s been three months since the Mijas launched “The Mija Project.” In those three months we have sold shirts all across the country! From Texas to California to Washington to Virginia! YOU MIJAS ROCK!

We’ve also been able to make our first big donation to UMC’s COVID-19 Compassionate Care Fund. The first of many donations, we hope!

You Mijas have been rocking our Mija T-shirts and have been asking for more! Well, we heard your requests and we’re happy to provide more Mija gear for Mijas and Mijos of all ages!

From Mija Stickers to Mija Tank tops to Little Mija Onesies; Take a look at some of the new gear we have in stock!

Profits from all Mija T-shirt sales will continue to go to local nonprofit organizations in our community.

Sales from Mija Stickers will go to the ‘Mija bank’ as we begin the process of becoming our own nonprofit organization.


We appreciate the love and support we have received from Mijas who have purchased our items. Most importantly, we appreciate the patience from those who have ordered items and have politely emailed us with their concerns or inquiry of an item.

This project is a labor of love. The Mijas who contribute to this make no personal profit. It is currently funded by our ‘Jefa’ Mija. Our Mijas also volunteer their free time to make sure other Mijas get the items they purchase and to keep you updated on all social media platforms.

Inventory is stocked up once every two weeks according to demand. Back order options are available for items once they sell out. You can also email us whenever you have a question or concern before you place an order!

Our T-Shirt Mija is a one woman show and a mommy of 5! So, she tries to get to your orders as soon as you make your purchase. Our ‘Jefa’ Mija tries to get to your emails as soon as she can as well once her day job duties are completed.

The response has been nothing but positive from EVERYONE and we appreciate that! Keep spreading the love, Mijas. The world needs more positivity these days! K. Now get to ordering!

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