‘Mija, yes you can’ project donates $400 in T-shirt profits to UMC’s COVID-19 Compassionate Care Fund

EL PASO, Texas – ‘Mija, Yes you can’, a local woman empowerment project donates $400 to a fund aimed at helping patients and their families who have been affected by COVID-19. 

The ‘Mija, Yes you can’ project started back in March. Shortly after its launch, organizers teamed up with the Executive Director at University Medical Center, Estela Casas, to help raise money for the UMC Foundation of El Paso’s COVID-19 Compassionate Care Fund.

“As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to grow in the borderland so does the need for vital equipment to keep our healthcare heroes safe,” said Estela Casas.

The Compassionate Care Fund was created to meet the often urgent basic needs of UMC and the El Paso Children’s Hospital patients and their families. Organizers of the Compassionate Care Fund said many patients might be financially limited and their budget can take a bigger hit when they experience a sudden illness or hospitalization. In order to assist families, patients in need are identified and referred to the fund by their social worker at either UMC or EPCH.

Profits made from ‘Mija, Yes you can’ t-shirt purchases were collected throughout the month of April and in that time over 100 shirts were sold. Through the help of purchases, organizers of the project were able to raise $400, making this donation their biggest nonprofit donation since their creation in early March.

This is the first big donation for ‘Mija, yes you can’ since their creation in early March.

“Thank you from the UMC Foundation for your donation to our COVID-19 Compassionate Care Fund. Your generous donation is proof that Mijas, yes you can continue making a difference in our community,” said Casas.

Back in March, the Mijas first donated $40 to El Paso’s only food bank ‘El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank’.

The Mija project is proud to give back to our community during these difficult times and will be teaming up with more local nonprofits to continue donating funds from our Mija T-shirt sales.

If you would like to make a donation to the COVID-19 Compassionate Care Fund CLICK HERE.

2 thoughts on “‘Mija, yes you can’ project donates $400 in T-shirt profits to UMC’s COVID-19 Compassionate Care Fund

    1. Thank you, Ruby! And yes you are still able to purchase more shirts! We will continue to donate profit from our shirts to local nonprofit organization. We have a link on our website to order shirts. 🙂


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