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When you search for the definition of the Spanish word, Mija, you’ll get this explanation: “Mija is an informal word for “Mi hija”, my daughter. While it is used by parents to address their daughters, in Mexico it is a term of endearment.”

The word Mija is a simple but powerful word that has the ability to encourage young women to become mighty and strong.

“Mija, Yes you can” is a project aimed at telling the stories of women of all ages who have achieved great things through obstacles big or small. Whether you’re a local public figure, a young aspiring professional, a single mom working her way through college or a young girl who wants to make a positive impact in our community, we want to tell your story so others can relate and know that they’re not alone. It’s women supporting other women through relatable stories.

We’ve created the platform and it’s time for you to create the content.

If you would like to donate to our projects cause, send us an email at mijayesyoucan@yahoo.com or send donations through our Venmo account below. If you are donating to our cause, please write “Mija Donation.” If you are donating to a local non-profit we are featuring, please write their organizations name so we can make sure to donate those funds to the correct organization.

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