Apply to join The Mija Project Today!

The Mija Project is growing which means we continue to look for Mijas who want to help us spread our message across the community.

All positions are volunteer based. As a volunteer of our organization you agree to abide by the policies and procedures and understand that you are not eligible to receive any monetary payment. Volunteering for The Mija Project will provide you with the reward of giving back to women in our community and scientists have proven that joining the Mija Project can give you Mija super powers. (Us. We’re the scientists.)


As an Operational Volunteer you will be REQUIRED to attend 2 to 3 scheduled events a month.

If not able to to attend, please give us at least a 24 hour notice so we can find another Mija to take your spot.

Events include Mija pop-ups, Mija scheduled events and other fundraising events throughout the year.

Most events are scheduled on the weekends but if events are scheduled on a weekday we will ask ahead of time if you are able to participate.

Most events last 4 to 5 hours, but you will have the option to stay for the whole event or a scheduled time frame which will either be set-up, mid-shift or tear down. Each shift will usually be 2 hours.

Must be able to assist with setting up tents, tables and moving containers that weigh up to 25 lbs.

Operational Volunteers will also be a part of planning and coordinating of special events throughout the year. Special meetings may be scheduled before major events but we will always let you know ahead of time.

You are able to receive volunteer hours for participating in any event as long as you provide us with the forms needed.

Age requirement varies based on events.

If you are a high school student, please sign up for general Mija volunteer opportunities

Please fill out the form below so we can know more about you and your availability. We will follow up with an email once we have reviewed your application.

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