“A mentor is someone who walks ahead of you to show you how they did it. A mentor will walk alongside you to show you what you are capable of doing.”

As one of our five pillars, Mentorship is something that we as an organization strongly believe will help make a difference in a woman’s life.

This past year our organization was able to participate in various events within the community to mentor women of all ages.

Whether you are looking for a motivational speaker for your organizations next event, a Mija to speak to your student’s for career day or a Mija to speak about their past experiences to help motivate and encourage young women at your school, we are dedicated to sharing our experiences and words of motivation to other women to encourage them through any obstacles they may be dealing with.

If you would like to request a Mija to attend your organizations event as a guest speaker/mentor please click the link below and fill out the form provided.

**Please understand that our organization is ran solely by volunteers. All of our board members and volunteers have full-time jobs so we can not assure that we will be able to attend every request that is sent in but we will try our hardest to find a Mija to speak at your event.

**We respect our volunteer and board members free time so as a courtesy to them we ask that your request date be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

Past Mentorship Events

Past Speaking Engagements:

Mija, Yes you can founder and executive director, Iris Lopez, has been an advocate for mental health awareness. She hosted an instagram live for the nationwide Organization “Okay to Say” and spoke about her experiences with mental health.
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