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Manage That Money, Mija!

Financial conference for women of all ages and backgrounds

A financial conference that will address disparities in financial literacy, wages earned, retirement savings, and financial security in general.

Mija, Yes You Can proposes to host an in-person financial security symposium geared towards women of all backgrounds.

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Positive Energy Wish List:

It has been said that when you put positive energy and your vision out into the universe on a consistent basis that energy will come back to you! So, this is our Positive energy page with a list of things we hope will come out of this project and movement in the coming months.

  • To create scholarships for young women who need financial assistance for their college education.
  • To create scholarships for older women who had to put their college education on hold but want to continue pursuing their dreams.
  • To create workshops that allow women in our community to gather together and tell their stories in person.
  • To create more events and merchandise that allows us to spread our message in other cities and states.
  • To find sponsors that will partner with The Mija Project to help us fund workshops and events for women in our community.

Mijas, yes WE can and Mijas yes WE WILL!

If you would like to donate to The Mija Projects wish list or become a sponsor, contact us.

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