Mija, Yes you can ® Pop-up Events

Have a location in mind for a future Mija Pop Up Event? Send your ideas our way.

Mija Pop Ups allow The Mijas to create fundraising events for The Mija Project as well as for nonprofit organizations that The Mijas partner with.

Mija Pop Ups also allow for The Mija Team to interact with others in the community face-to-face and help our team of women spread our message all across town.

Mija, Yes you can’s One Year Anniversary:

Kendra Scott Pop-Up:

The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso:

Mija Pop-Up Event: Rush Cycle

Take a look at our first successful Mija Pop Up Event that helped The Mijas collect school supplies for The Center Against Sexual and Family Violence.

Mija T-Shirts will be sold at future Mija Pop Up Events. Subscribe to our Mija email alerts to know when the next Mija Pop Up event will happen!

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