Meet the Jefa Mijas behind ‘Mija, Yes you can.’

Hola Mijas!

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged about life but trust us….. life has been happening!

It’s been six months since The Mija Project launched and in that short amount of time we have seen a tremendous amount of support from Mijas and Mijos all across the nation.

The Mija Project has grown into what it is now because of the dedicated team of women who spend their free time sharing the message of empowerment to other women in their communities.

Today we introduce you to the creative minds behind, ‘Mija, Yes you can.’

Iris Lopez

Founder, Content Coordinator/Social Media Strategist

Read Full Bio Here…

Crystal Saavedra

President, Head of Organizational Development/Projects Manager

Read Full Bio Here…

Shelby Montgomery

Vice-President, Head of Communications & Brand Strategy

Read Full Bio Here…

Cassandra Villanueva

Jefa Mija T-shirt Designer

Read Full Bio Here…

Want to be a part of The Mija Project?

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