Mija, yes you can work from home!

Hola Mijas,

The past few weeks have been very interesting for most, if not all, of the world. The COVID-19 pandemic turned many people’s lives upside down. With businesses like bars and restaurants closing, many people had to find other ways to bring in income for themselves and their families. For those who were fortunate enough to keep their jobs, they found themselves having to learn how to work from home.

We gathered a few Mijas from different career spectrums to let us in on how life is for them now that they have to work from home.

From a TV News Producer, to a popular Jewelry Store chain manager and a TV News reporter and anchor. Here is how life has been for these Mijas working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brittany Carlock, KVIA-TV News Producer:
Brittany Carlock has been a producer for KVIA-TV in El Paso, TX for 4 years

1.) What does your typical “working from home” day look like now?
I have my laptop and iPad on a TV tray downstairs along with my personal and work phone. I’m in a room that’s sort of secluded from the rest of the house but I also have a TV on so I can be watching the latest news on CNN and our own newscasts.

2.) Pros of working from home?
It’s definitely more comfortable. I can wake up a little later since I don’t have to get completely ready (I still shower and change out of my pajamas so I can feel more productive) and I also save on time not having to drive to work. Also, if I need to take a small 5 minute break, which is what I usually do at work, I can always walk upstairs to say hi to my dog, Shiloh.

3.) Challenges of working from home?
Concentrating. It takes a lot of discipline to not get distracted by the many things at home. I knew I couldn’t work in my bedroom because it would be too tempting to lie down, and I just felt like I wouldn’t be able to get to work as quickly. Also, making sure everyone in the house knows I’m working, not just staying home. I still have the same deadlines to meet but I think that sometimes my family thinks I’m able to talk since I’m home which is not the case, especially as we get closer to show time. 

4.) How has this Pandemic opened up your eyes when it comes to the job you do and life in general?
When it comes to my job, it’s opened my eyes that there really is a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. There’s a lot of criticism that we’re either blowing this out of proportion or not informing everyone enough. We’re all really trying to get all the necessary information out there and despite the criticism, I do see how many people really rely on the news. People are trying to see what the latest recommendations are from doctors/the latest closures.

Even today (Sunday) I thought it was pretty awesome to see that the station I’m part of televised today’s Sunday Mass. It had nothing to do with news but our station was able to allow everyone to continue to take part in their religion.

In life in general, I honestly am starting to enjoy the small things I may have lost sight of. This week, my family and I have been enjoying dinner together at the dinner table since we can’t go out to eat. I’m not sure how long it’s been since we’ve all had meals together. On Saturday evening we got together to watch a movie. I feel like this is bringing my family a bit closer since we’re not having to always leave the house now. I’ve also learned not to be wasteful. I would joke that I never finished my water bottles and would leave them around the house. Now I’m not even using water bottles. I have one water bottle that I constantly fill up with water from the tap so my dad can use the water bottles we were able to find.

 5.) Any advice or words of wisdom to other Mijas working from home that might be struggling?
Find a comfortable spot and think of it as an assignment you had to finish when you were in college. In college there was a ton of work we would all have to work on at home, so bring back your old ways or the things that would help you concentrate. I know there are some apps out there that shut off your phone if that’s a distraction. I think it’s all about finding a routine or what works for you and sticking with it. If you need music, put it in the background, or if you’re the opposite, find a secluded room. I think all of us who are able to work from home are very lucky, and it might be difficult but it is a nice little change in pace.

Fill in the blank: Mija, yes you can…… continue to thrive in work/school even from home.

Adriana Candelaria, KFOX/CBS Weekend Anchor/ Reporter:
Adriana Candelaria has been proving that she can be her own camera woman AND reporter while she works from home!

1.) What does your typical “working from home” day look like now?
I typically wake up and still make my bed and breakfast as if I was going to drive to work. I also get camera-ready, because I read that looking presentable is still a part of working from home and feeling good about your shift.  My station is still having us work part-time in the field. I drive to work, pick up a unit, and then I come home to make phone calls for interviews. 

Once a person agrees to be interviewed, I set up my camera and shoot the interview via FaceTime.
I try to get creative to still give the story a “feel”. For example, I interviewed a baker the other day so I put my phone inside a baking pan and gave it other cooking props. This allows for the interview to not have a plain background of a wall or something random like my couch. Once I have done everything I can from home, I meet the photojournalist out in the field. He edits my story while I write the electronic and web versions for my story. We’re both in separate units when we do this to still practice social distancing.

When show time starts, we get ready to go live in front of the story’s location for the day. Sometimes the reporters will go live from their living rooms if they have the proper equipment and if their story doesn’t necessarily have an precise location. Once everything is done, we drive back to the station to drop off our keys and I bring my equipment back home.

2.) Pros of working from home?
Even though I’m home, I have discovered I still can’t take a sit-down lunch break because we’re always running to meet deadline. On the positive side I can heat up my food on my oven and eat as I work instead of spending money going through a drive-thru. I also think that being challenged to shoot our story from home will bring out the best in creativity!

3.) Challenges of working from home?
So far, the only challenge I have experienced has been not wanting to go pick up a car from the station because I feel it is time consuming. 

4.) How has this Pandemic opened up your eyes when it comes to the job you do and life in general?
It has made me incredibly thankful for my job. We have heard of many unfortunate cases where people have been laid off or had to close their businesses due to the uncertainty of COVID19. It made me realize how we cannot take things for granted.

At the same time, it makes me think no story is worth our health. We need to ensure we follow health guidelines even as journalists so we can take care of ourselves and be in a healthy position to keep serving the community.

My mom, who raised me saying “mija, si se puede”, would fall into the vulnerable category. I have not been able to visit her, which makes me hopeful that this will be over soon so I can enjoy her presence again.

5.) Any advice or words of wisdom to other Mijas working from home that might be struggling?
I believe our homes are a sacred and safe place, but it is not the case for everyone. 
If you live and work alone at home, I would say to use this time to get to know yourself! Strictly divide the time between your shift and your personal time so your work duties do not bleed into your mental health. Many people have different struggles, but there is always help for each struggle. People can look up the hotlines for the issue they are struggling with and find help ALWAYS!

Fill in the blank: Mija, yes you can…. see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Elizabeth Hernandez, Kendra Scott- Store Manager:
Elizabeth Hernandez has been the store manager at the only Kendra Scott location in El Paso, TX
for over a year.

1. What does your “typical working from home” day look like now? I usually wake up and make coffee.  I check my emails and see what conference calls I have throughout the day.  In between calls I do mental health checks on my team and see how they are doing. We also have a district groupme in which we keep constant communication throughout the day with all the other beautiful Southwest store managers in my district. We also do mental health checks on each other and just chat about any updates coming through from our company. Kendra Scott is based off of three core pillars,  One being philanthropy. Right now we have been working hard to find ways we can help our communities virtually and give back to those who need it.

2. Pros from working from home? Although my company allows us to work from home sometimes I personally love to be in my store so this is the first time ever in my life working from home. I guess a pro would be only getting ready from the waist up or not getting ready at al! It’s been fun seeing everyone make up free, their homes, babies, pets! Being able to be comfortable and get things done around the house in between emails and calls. 

3. Challenges of working from home? Ah, for me I feel like I have more challenges than pros. It’s hard not to see my team! I have such an amazing group of high energy, positive, beautiful souls working with me and I miss them all very much. It’s my home away from home. Another hard challenge is not being able to see our customers. They are just so much more than that. They are like our family. They come in and share moments in their lives with us, share stories, events, or simply come in to treat themselves and just have fun! More challenges would be since I don’t work from home and my job is all human interaction, my mind is programmed to see home as a place to relax, online shop, have a glass of wine, spend time with loved ones. Its not seen as a place to “work”. First days were supper hard, I kept having to remind myself ” you aren’t off” ” you are at work” ” this isn’t vacation”! It’s Definitely overwhelming. 

4. How has this pandemic opened up your eyes when it comes to this job you do and life in general? Time, I think was the biggest one for me. The time we spend with each other is just priceless.  To go from seeing so many people I love in person to only seeing them through a camera is one of the hardest things I have ever had to experience . We take for granted being able to hug our friends, family, co workers.  It’s amazing what happens to the world when we all just slow down and don’t travel, aren’t out eating or shopping. When we all just enjoy a good board game, movie on our couch, cook at home, video chat instead of text. Although everything will soon go back to the way it was, with all the distractions in life I think this is an experience all of us will never forget and maybe some of us will see things a diff way go forward like the importance of good health and time. I’m blessed to say that I work for an amazing company who believes in Family first and we truly are one big family. She takes care of us and it’s always peace of mind knowing that no matter what we go through we will always stick together and will be ok! 

5. Any advice or words of wisdom to the other Mijas working from home that might be struggling? We all adjust it just takes a little time. This will pass and you will get through it. Read a good book, maybe do some facial masks, hair mask, cook? Go for a jog or a walk. Remind yourself when it’s time to work that it’s time to work but also know when to shut off work mood and just relax! Everything is going to be OK! 

Fill in the Blank: Mija, yes you can…… get through anything!!

4 thoughts on “Mija, yes you can work from home!

  1. I, myself, am a producer as well! I’m based in Las Vegas, so our news is a little wild compared to other markets. Just waved to say I’m in the same boat. It’s odd working from home when you’re not used to it.

    Happy blogging! Stay safe!

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