Mija, Yes you can survive Coronavirus 2020!

Hola Mijas,

Well, the “Mija, Yes you can” project was created back in March on International Women’s Day. At that time, this Mija thought it was great timing to create a women empowerment movement. Don’t get me wrong, it was because there’s never a bad time to spread women empowerment in our community. However, a little virus by the name of Corona thought otherwise.

Shortly after the Mija’s began promoting our project, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the El Paso area along with the rest of the U.S.

Our initial intention for this project was to sell custom “Mija, Yes you can” t-shirts to raise funds in order to donate a portion of those funds to a local non-profit organization that supports women empowerment in our community. 

We still want to pursue that initial goal in the future, but right now we believe there are non-profit organizations that are dealing with the social and economic impacts of this virus. The Mija’s would like to instead send t-shirt donations to those organizations during this tough time.

The Mijas have reached out to local foundations in our area in hopes of being provided with a list of non-profit organizations that we can donate proceeds to.

This is a scary time for not only our community, but for the rest of the world as well.

During this scary time if we remember to be kind and help others in need we can all find a sense of comfort in knowing everything will soon be alright.

For now, instead of spreading viruses we can help spread a message of encouragement to all the women out there who are worried about the changes they and their families will have to endure because of this scary time. Let’s spread that message with a simple t-shirt because, “Mija, yes you can overcome this virus!”

CLICK HERE to see the different styles of t-shirts offered. T-shirt sales are happening sooner than expected for our “T-shirt Mija” so t-shirt quantities are limited.

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