‘Mija, Yes you can’ project donates $400 in T-shirt profits to GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso

EL PASO, Texas– ‘Mija, Yes you can’, a local woman empowerment project donates $400 to GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso, a local Down syndrome achievement center.

GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso depends on funds raised through events, but due to the ongoing pandemic, the organization had to postpone its primary fundraiser, the “I have a voice” Gala.  

“While we have remained operational and continue to offer programs via distance learning, we still have rent, salaries, and utilities to pay,” said Maggie Morales-Moody, Executive Director of GiGi’s Playhouse of El Paso.

Melissa Moody

‘Mija, Yes You Can’ made its first large-sum donation to UMC’s Compassionate Care Fund back in April, and the organization is proud to have teamed up with GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso to raise funds for their organization during these trying times.

Profits made from ‘Mija, Yes you can’ t-shirt purchases were collected throughout the month of June and in that time over 100 shirts were sold. Through the help of purchases, organizers of the project were able to raise $400.

“Within days of canceling our educational and therapeutic programs due to Covid-19, our team launched GiGi’s At Home Virtual Programming. This generous donation from ‘Mija, Yes You Can’ will help pay for literacy materials for 4 students this summer,” said Morales-Moody.

“The Mija project is excited to continue working with nonprofit organizations in our community who need assistance during these hard times,” said founder Iris Lopez.

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