Mija, Yes you can make a difference

Hola Mijas,

We continue with our series of blogs that we hope will help educate other women across the country about the issue of social injustice within the Black community.

The Mijas reached out to strong, powerful Black women to ask a question that might not be so simple for some to understand.

What does Black Lives Matter mean to you?
Odyessey Francis

Odyessey Francis is a Music Director for the Harmony School of Excellence in Austin, TX.

This is what Black Lives Matter means to Odyessey:

Well as an African American woman who lives in America Black Lives Matter means an equal opportunity of life, and just within my community. For decades Black people have encountered discrimination in employment opportunities, educational advancements, and police injustice.  In the most recent events especially during this pandemic people are using it as an excuse to take black lives with no repercussions for their actions and are glorified in their communities. 

As Black people we have contributed tremendously in this country yet and still our lives are not valued by others.  People love our culture, the way we dress, music, and hair styles and want to mimic what it’s like to be Black in those ways yet do not understand the struggles and fears we face daily. We are the only race that have talk to our children on how to conduct yourself when around police to assure we make it home safe. “Making it home safe”, is a blessing to our families serving the day.

Imagine being viewed as a threat by others yet all you want to do is live the best life you can and make something of yourself. Despite all the racial inequality we face we will keep striving in achieving equality. Black people we are beautiful human beings who deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. In this movement, I believe the world is finally understanding what we have been saying for decades that we matter and demand respect just like everyone else and will continue to fight until the goal is met. A change is coming and oh what a day it will be. 

Mija, yes you can…make a difference.

Profits From Mija Candle Sales will go directly to UTEP’s George Floyd Promise Fund

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