Mijas Making Moves: Youngest Woman to Graduate from UTEP Nursing Program Carries El Paso’s Pride

El Paso is a community full of many strong and intelligent women of all ages. Today we introduce you to a local woman who is breaking barriers and making history by becoming UTEP’s youngest Nursing graduate.

At only 19-years-old, Andrea Hernandez became the youngest in her cohort to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from The University of Texas at El Paso. 

Andrea was part of the inaugural class at Americas High School’s Early College program in 2017. She, later on, received her associate’s degree from El Paso Community College (EPCC) in 2021 and proceeded to transfer into the Nursing program at UTEP. 

““I think healthcare is an area in which you get an incredible amount of support from a lot of people,” said Andrea, “It’s a very difficult career but it’s something that I think has a lot of heart and that is a big thing for me.”

Since 2005, EPCC has been a supporter of the Early College High School program. The Early College High School program has a partnership with EPCC and eight different school districts within the region. The Early College program creates a way to have a supportive environment for students to be able to overcome any challenges to reach their full potential. 

EPCC’s Early College Program will allow students to receive an associate’s degree while attending high school. 

“The teachers at EPCC had higher expectations,” Andrea said.”All early college teachers were incredibly supportive and fostered student success.”

At an early age, Andrea decided that one day she would become a nurse. 

“I watched how considerate nurses were and that was the only choice I wanted to follow.” 

With her employment secured at the esteemed Hospital of Providence, Andrea Hernandez is on her way to becoming a Registered Nurse. Her Aspirations extended even further as she envisions specializing in Progressive Care, a goal she aims to achieve upon successfully passing the rigorous NCLEX State Board of Nursing examination.

Andrea hopes to continue her career in Nursing and hopefully one day she can teach future nurses who have as much passion as she did when she began the career.

“After I get enough experience I want to come back and get my masters in nursing education and be a teacher in nursing.”

Published by Kimberly Diaz

Kimberly Díaz was born and raised in El Paso, Tx. She is a current intern for Mija, Yes You Can and helps out with several of the tasks for the non-profit. She also graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism with a Minor in Criminal Justice in December of 2021. She also worked for Beto for Texas, the Texas governor's campaign race. During her time working for them, she used her skills to create media content for the campaign and engaged with the public. Kimberly also volunteered for the non-profit group called International Youth Fellowship (IYF) where she was in charge of media content, volunteers, and organized big events. Kimberly chose to become an intern with Mija, Yes You Can since she believes that by empowering women to prove that women are much more than what they seem to be.

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