Mija’s Making Moves: Meet The El Paso Women Behind Weirdoughs Bakery & Cafe

One of Mija, Yes You Can’s missions is empowering and supporting local women-owned businesses in our community. In this article, you’ll read about two friends who pushed through a global pandemic to make their dream come true.

Local business owners Bianca and Andrea opened their West El Paso bakery, Weirdoughs, during the pandemic and although they knew it was going to be a challenge, they still wanted to make their dreams of running their own small business come true. 

“We’re pastry chefs from El Paso. That’s the thing with 10 plus years of baking experience. We own a bakery. We also wanted to create new top-quality, imaginative, and delicious baked treats each month, to keep our menu fresh and exciting,” said Andrea. “Responding uniquely to the needs of the community we integrate flavors from our borderland community while introducing flavors from around the world. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or sweets to bring home.”

What would a bakery be without coffee? Weirdoughs have delicious and unique flavors that no one could imagine. The bakery also sells teas that include the London Fog, and their tea herbs have flavors that range from blueberry-lemon to earl grey, lavender, chamomile, and rose just to name a few. 

“Being part of people’s like big life events. Getting to share that moment with them by making their wedding birthday cakes. We have customers where we made their baby shower cake, their first the baby’s first birthday cake, the baby’s second birthday, and we’re like, oh, like we were getting to see that baby grow, essentially.

One piece of advice Bianca and Andrea would like to give to other Mijas who one day want to open up their own business is,

“Just do it, it’s going to be a lot of work and it will make you cry, however, don’t stop and keep going. It’s the initial jump and you just have to do it. Everything will fall into place and that is what will happen to us. It was scary but you have to do it.” 

If you’d like to reach out to them on their facebook or Instagram

Published by Kimberly Diaz

Kimberly Díaz was born and raised in El Paso, Tx. She is a current intern for Mija, Yes You Can and helps out with several of the tasks for the non-profit. She also graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Journalism with a Minor in Criminal Justice in December of 2021. She also worked for Beto for Texas, the Texas governor's campaign race. During her time working for them, she used her skills to create media content for the campaign and engaged with the public. Kimberly also volunteered for the non-profit group called International Youth Fellowship (IYF) where she was in charge of media content, volunteers, and organized big events. Kimberly chose to become an intern with Mija, Yes You Can since she believes that by empowering women to prove that women are much more than what they seem to be.

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