The Mija Project successfully raises $4,891 for their first ever El Paso Giving Day


Thanks to YOUR generous donations, The Mijas were able to TRIPLE our goal of $1,500 and our first ever El Paso Giving Day was a success!

The Mijas only had one week to prepare for this event but with all of YOUR support and words of encouragement, WE DID IT!

With a total of 91 donors, The Mija Project received a total amount of $4,334.08 in donations.

Thanks to Microsoft Technology, The Mijas were able to win a surprise giveaway donation of $500 and an extra $57 from El Paso Burrito Day and our local Chipotle.

The end number for The Mija Project’s first ever El Paso Giving Day was $4,891.08.

Your generous donations will help our organization fund workshops for women as well as begin the process of establishing scholarships for women of all ages in our community. We will also be able to stock up our online store’s inventory to continue providing women and men with our Mija T-shirts to continue spreading the simple but powerful phrase, ‘Mija, Yes you can.”

THANK YOU for your donations, support, words of encouragement but most importantly for your trust in our organization. We appreciate it more than you could ever imagine.

Continue to donate to our cause here:

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