Psstt… It’s our Jefa’s birthday today! We’re celebrating with Mija Shirts BACK IN STOCK! *Cries in Spanish*

Hola Mija!

So look…. we know it took us a while and we apologize for the wait, but our online Mija Shop is FINALLY back in stock!

After the amazing response from Mijas all across the country, our original Mija T-shirts SOLD OUT and we are happy to announce that our shop is back in stock!

Same Mija shirts but with a different feel and fit to make you feel comfortable and powerful!

Bella + Canvas Women’s ‘Mija Yes You Can’ T-Shirt:

After hearing your concerns about the fit of our past Mija T-shirts, our team decided to choose a shirt style that would fit more comfortably on women of all shapes and sizes!

Our original Mija T-shirts come in a Mauve colored, loose fit women’s style shirt. Shirts do not run small and sizes are true to fit! 52% Cotton, 42% Polyester.

Unisex Adult ‘Mija Yes You Can’ T-Shirt:

Unisex Adult shirts are perfect for women AND men! Shirts come in a purple colored, T-shirt fit style. 52% Cotton, 42% Polyester.

Your T-Shirt purchases will help The Mija Project fund future projects that will help our community during these challenging times. These projects include Thanksgiving Food drives and Christmas toy drives that the Mijas are in the process of organizing.

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