Mija! We need YOU! Join our movement and become a part of the Mija Project.

Hola Mija!

The Mija Project is growing which means we continue to look for Mijas who want to help us spread our message across the community.

If you’ve already filled out an application to join The Mija Project, no worries! We have your application on file and are excited to follow up with you on your interest in the project.

If you want to apply to become a part of ‘Mija, Yes you can’ keep on reading!

What We’re Looking For:

Board Members: Our President, Vice-President and Treasurer positions have already been filled, but we are still in need of a determined and organized Mija to join our board as a Secretary.

Secretary Duties: Experience as a secretary for other non-profit organizations is recommended but not required. The Secretary’s duties include managing all the organization’s internal communications and preparing or keeping track of board meeting dates, meeting agendas and minutes from the meeting. The secretary must attend all board meetings to keep a detailed record of the board’s actions.

If being a part of our Mija board is not something you’re interested in but you want to lend your talents elsewhere, join one of our Mija Committees. We are looking to fill Chair positions for each of the following committees:

Mija Committees:

Volunteer Committee:

Volunteer Chair: An ideal candidate for this position will have experience in volunteer coordinating. The Volunteer Committee Chair will keep track of future volunteer applications and will work with the executive team to bring new Mijas on board to join our team! In addition, you will be delegating responsibilities to volunteers and training selected people for their future position. 

Events Committee:

Events Chair: An ideal candidate for this position will have a passion for creating unique events that will showcase The Mija Project’s mission. Experience in event planning is recommended but not required. The events committee chair will be in charge of:

  • Creating a comprehensive event plan including goals/desired outcomes and theme of the event
  • Creating and agreeing on a comprehensive funding plan, inclusive of all estimated expenses
  • Determining how to solicit/raise additional funds if needed
  • Setting ticket cost and process
  • Being available at all times during the day of the event
  • Participating completely during the event
  • Event evaluation and follow up

The Events Committee Team will include team members that will help with decorating, setting up future events, promoting, and helping the events committee chair in planning out future Mija Project events such as Mija Pop Up Events.

Public Relations Committee:

Public Relations Chair: An ideal candidate for this position will have knowledge in Public Relations as well as social media marketing. Understanding social media algorithm is a plus for this position! The Public Relation Committee chair’s role manages overall public relations and outreach for the Mija Project. PR Committee chair will actively promote the organization and help to develop the overall marketing strategy.

The PR committee chair will work closely with the Founder/CEO of the Mija Project to plan social media calendars in advance.

The PR Committee Team will work together to create eye catching social media posts for all our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The PR committee will also be in charge of creating press releases for The Mija Project as well as creating blogs for The Mija Project’s website.

Scholarship Committee:

Scholarship Chair: An ideal candidate for this position will have experience with Scholarship funding. The scholarship committee chair will oversee the annual scholarships and ensure the timely and fair disposition of scholarship funds. 

The Scholarship Committee Team is charged of publicizing and soliciting applications and making decisions based on the applicants’ responses.  It is also the responsibility of the committee to distribute the scholarship(s) and follow up with recipient(s) to ensure the scholarship(s) awarded is received.

Workshop Committee:

Workshop Chair: An ideal candidate for this position will have experience in creating and coordinating workshops for organizations. The three main areas of responsibility for workshop coordinators include coordinating logistical and financial matters for the workshop if needed, fulfilling reporting requirements, and providing intellectual leadership. 

The Workshop Committee Team will be in charge of developing ideas for future workshops that can be introduced to schools, businesses, and future Mija conferences.

Fundraising Committee:

Fundraising Chair: And Ideal candidate for this position will have experience in fundraising for other organizations. The fundraising committee chair will work closely with the board treasurer. Other duties and responsibilities will include:

  • Creating and agreeing on comprehensive funding plan inclusive of all the estimated expenses of the sub-committees
  • Determining how to solicit/raise additional funds if needed
  • Setting ticket cost and process when needed for events.
  • Reporting ticket information to board treasurer.
  • Monitoring expenses and reporting any overages or shortages

The Fundraising Committee Team will be in charge of keeping up with the ordering of Mija merchandise including Mija T-shirts. The committee will keep up with the packaging, sale and shipping of Mija merchandise orders.

Other Mija Volunteer Options:

If heading a committee is not something you’re into, then volunteering might be the spot for you! Volunteers that would like to lend their talents strictly as a committee team member can send in an application and provide what committee it is they would like to volunteer for.

Out-Of-Town Mija Mission Ambassadors:

If you’re a Mija living out of the El Paso/Las Cruces area and you want to help us spread our mission, then become a Mija Mission Ambassador!

Volunteer Mija Ambassadors help to raise awareness of our work by attending events in your city to talk about our work and encourage others to get involved in fundraising activity. This is a really important role as it helps us to reach new people, inspire new fundraising activity, and thank our supporters for the work they are doing.

Mija Ambassadors will receive promotional items to help spread our mission in your city.

All positions are volunteer based. As a volunteer of our organization you agree to abide by the policies and procedures and understand that you are not eligible to receive any monetary payment. Volunteering for The Mija Project will provide you with the reward of giving back to women in our community and scientists have proven that joining the Mija Project can give you Mija super powers. (Us. We’re the scientists.)

Apply Here:

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